Our passion is to build the community that supports your business

CBE wants to Support, Represent and Promote the Secondary IT Community.

The partners you choose are a key factor to the success of your business. We acknowledge that you work with a core group of companies. At the same time it is important to look for new contacts and keep informed about developments of the other (known) companies. How do you valuate if a company is worth the effort to set up a business relation? With over 30 years of experience in this market, CBE is a network of companies that believe in solid business relationships.

The value of CBE is beyond information on WTB’s and WTS’s; we offer you a group of contacts that make it great to do business with – supported by our services. Our customers are our pride and we take it personal to maintain the high standards within this group. CBE has been the most important independent & neutral B2B marketplace for international trade in new and used ICT equipment in the higher segment.

Among the CBE members you will find the most important players in the field of Servers, Storage and Networking Equipment. The members of CBE are Brokers, Leasing Companies, Dealers, VAR’s and Maintenance Companies.

Together we work on a trusted community. Together we work on Re-Use of IT equipment. Together we care.

The CBE Network is a closed community: access is restricted to those companies which specialize in buying and selling used ICT equipment.

Besides providing a network of traders, CBE also gives you up-to-date trading information and quality services which help you make that extra deal! The annual World Directory Book gives the most accurate insight into the Who’s Who of the business right across the globe.


CBE took initiative to set up:

Free ICT Europe Foundation

Recognised as the official representative of the ICT Aftermarket by the EU.